Simple Game Map Editor

Version 1.3


Simple Game Map Editor (SGME) is an application for editing tile map data. While it was written with video game development in mind, it is generic enough to be useful for other purposes as well.


SGME requires Java SE 6 or higher to be installed. Download Java SE 6.

To install SGME, simply extract the ZIP file to the desired location on your computer.

Launching SGME

Windows users can launch SGME by executing the sgme.exe file located in the bin folder. For convenience, you may want to create a shortcut to this file and copy it to your Start Menu or Desktop.

On other platforms, the sgme.jar file can be executed using the java tool with the -jar option. The working directory must be the root folder of the SGME installation. Assuming that the java tool is in the environment path, the following command will launch SGME:

java -jar lib/sgme.jar


SGME supports user extensions written in Java. Extensions are typically used to import or export data from other sources, but they can be useful for other purposes as well. The docs folder contains the Extension API documentation in Javadoc format. You will need to add sgme.jar to your build path.

Extensions should be packaged as JAR files and placed in the ext folder. SGME will automatically add any JAR files in the ext folder to the class path. Use the Add Extension command under the Extensions menu to add your extension. It will then be listed as a command under the Extensions menu.

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